Brainy Breakfasts Manifesto for Kids (ebook)

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Learn 10 reasons why children need a brainy breakfast. This flip book is
full of nutritional education, tips for picky-eaters and brain boosting breakfasts (36) for focused, retentive, calm and developing minds of ALL ages. View an online version of the FlipBook here.

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1 review for Brainy Breakfasts Manifesto for Kids (ebook)

  1. L’Angel Seabrook-Friel

    Dr Jan’s Brainy Breakfast Manifesto is brilliant!! It has tons of recipes to start using right away and was included in a Montesorri class I took with her as my professor. LIFE CHANGING!! Buy this ebook. Read it, love it. Ask questions. Apply it for the whole family today.
    Fuel your brian & body, instead of starving it to death with empty (and toxic) calories from junk food and highly processed foods “disguise“ as healthy.

    My 4yr old daughter at the time went from having meltdown multiple times a day, especially around 4:45pm to a much happier child within a week or two of implementation. Also, my 26 yr old brother that has Down syndrome is learning to like more foods as well.
    The key ingredient is proper nutrition. More of the right ingredients at the right time and cutting back (or cutting out) on the bad stuff (like artificial dyes- so bad for developing brains)!

    Picky eaters have proven time and time again to start CRAVING the healthy foods as their bodies and brains explore new foods as a family.

    I still recommend her to all of my friends, even 2 years later. THANK YOU NUTRITIONALIST JAN!
    100000/10 stars!

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