Nutrition for Development and Learning: Guide and Workbook – Includes Bonus Book (ebook)


Nutrition for Development and Learning is an interactive eBook. Nutritional education and the paramount importance of feeding the brain “daily essentials” is the theme of the book – for all stages of life – from seed to prosperous. Exercises and discovery forms are included for educators, health professionals, special education therapists, moms and dads-to-be, parents, and all caregivers. These forms are designed to identify and help remediate nutrient deficiencies or triggers impeding learning and optimal mental and physical health. Breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas, including meal composition and timing, are included to provide nutritional adequacy throughout the day. This cutting edge eBook contains state of the art navigation to access all chapters, exercises, and hand-outs with ease. Bonus Booklet: Brainy Breakfasts for Kid’s Manifesto.

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