Humdrum Hannah Was Eating Junk (ebook)


Endearing vita-GEMS (healthy) and vita-GERMS” (not-so-healthy) food characters call out to Hannah from the refrigerator each day around 4:00 PM. They argue among themselves to be chosen with silly dialogue and sound effects. The reader can listen in and fall in love with hero, Baby Broccoli and Gassy Beans by downloading the audio book. *Warning: graphic children’s humor*

Fun recipes, health tips from Hannah and “Glad-I-Ate-it-Superstar” stickers make a fun addition to any home or classroom. Nutrition education is woven throughout the story. A child-friendly glossary for big words like PANK-ree-us, dia-BEAT-eese, and leg-YOOMS is included.

A downloadable coloring book is an added bonus so children can color their way to healthier food choices. See it here by scrolling down. Parents, take a break from “nagging” as children visualize and learn how food affects their digestion, energy levels, mood and behavior.

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