Humdrum Hannah Was Eating Junk (ebook)


Hannah’s story will invite children to learn about food choices in a humorous and at times, moving way. Endearing vita-gem (healthy) and vita-germ (not-so-healthy) foods call out her name from the refrigerator each day around 4:00 PM. They argue to be chosen with silly dialogue and sound effects!

You will receive an audio book to listen in and fall in love with the characters – including “ice-cream” and “beans”.

WARNING:   Graphic Children’s Humor!

Follow Hannah on her journey from humdrum to happy as “baby broccoli” rescues her from getting into trouble and she saves him from the trash can. Humdrum Hannah was Eating Junk includes a child-friendly glossary with definitions for big words like PANK-ree-us, Dia-BEAT-eese, and Leg-YOOMS. Children will also receive a coloring book, Glad-I-Ate-It-Superstar stickers, fun recipes, and Hannah’s health tips for home and school.

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