Praise for Nutrition for Learning

"Jan has written a wonderful book which communicates the message about the importance of nourishment of the mother, infant, and child to serve the proper needs for brain development."
Professor Michael CrawfordInstitute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition (UK)
"My four year-old daughter was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder (high functioning autistic). After reading your book and making sure she is eating the right foods that will help rather than hinder her brain capability she is now learning and socializing at a comparable rate to other children. The emotional outbursts have diminished."
Just a mom
"I'm sending a copy of this book to my daughter who is expecting her first child."
Rachel CoxPediatric Neurologist, Scottsdale, AZ
"I have now joined a task force that is attempting to create a lunch program in our school. Not just any lunch program of course! This one we hope will parallel your book."
Nikki MeyersToledo, OH
"The information we learned from reading your book has made a night and day difference in my son's ability to focus at school, therefore transforming his experience of school from a painful and stressful one to an enjoyable and pleasurable one. A couple of weeks after these dietary changes, we had a conference with his teachers. Before we had even been seated, they were eagerly asking us what we were doing for Michael that was making such a night and day difference in his ability to accomplish his work (I think they thought we had put him on medication). We mentioned reading your book and making the dietary changes, and they couldn't believe it. He has gone from crying after school saying that he hates himself and hates school, to being happy and confident as he goes off to school in the morning. (His teachers have told us that he has taken to reciting poetry in front of his classmates during morning meeting, by choice!) We are so thankful for the helpful information you share in your book…it has been life-changing for our son! We are so grateful to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Dale and Maria Ohi

Fertility & Preconception Consulting

"Had I known a little about nutrition I might have eaten and fed my family better years ago. When you first sent me the graphic of how to nourish and protect the cell   I could finally understand the reasoning behind omega 3s, vegetables, grass-fed animals, etc. And then I realized, “My ovum is a cell!"
Shelley HaasPhiladelphia, PA
"I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate your guidance. Waiting was difficult after our second miscarriage but I realize how depleted I was both emotionally and physically. I love your nutritional bang for the bucks tips and as soon as my baby is introduced to solid food I promise one of them will be avocado!"
the HartnettsPhoenix, AZ
"I am so glad you insisted my husband get a dietary assessment too. Like you said, he is 23 of the 46 chromosomes involved in baby making!"
Anita SaldateLas Vegas, NV
(High-risk pregnancy) "My embryos were dancing - now they're happy, healthy twins."
Amy Bass Phoenix, AZ
"We're pregnant!"
Jody MeadVail, CO