Consult with Jan

Consult with Jan


Jan Katzen

Nutrition Therapy

let-food-beFor younger children, I help families discover the power of nutritional therapy to reconcile learning, behavior and mood challenges, including trauma, neglect, and situational stress.

I am experienced in providing nutritional support for genetic neurodevelopmental disorders such as Prader-Willi Syndrome and Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease.

Working with older children, young adults, preconception couples, and mature clients is a passion of mine. It’s a wonderful opportunity to collaborate in creating a personalized food plan and impart nutritional education, so individuals feed themselves intentionally and healthily for a lifetime.

My food prescriptions, high in essential nutrients and antioxidants improves overall health, and remediates weight issues and correlative concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, eating and feeding disorders and decreased appetite due to medication. Maximizing nutrient intake and minimizing foods with undesired side effects, significantly alleviates depression, anxiety, and mental health issues.


Our goal remains the same for every age and stage – to improve physical and mental health. Together, we design a road map for delicious, satisfying daily meals and mini-meals. Utilizing meal mapping/physical and emotional observational forms, we discover your optimal daily plan including composition and timing of foods.

Nutritional Education

  • I consult with schools to review food preparation and meal/snack adequacy programs.
  • Customized nutritional classes are available for parents, school communities and health professionals on a limited basis.

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