Are you planning to have a baby?

If so, then you and your partner want to be in the best of health.
Let Jan Katzen, AMI, CFP, CN, Assist You in Your Planning and Preparation.

“Nourishment with the focus on eating “now” for healthy conception, fetal, and child development is paramount for couples planning for pregnancy. I employ a science-based, straight forward and down-to-earth approach to partner with Moms and Dads-to-be. I provide the best of both worlds; nutritional education and the clinically demonstrated power of specific nutrients in whole foods to support natural and assisted conception. “

Jan has studied nutrition and health under the guidance of renowned professor Michael Crawford, director of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at the London Metropolitan University. She interned with Nim Barnes, founder of Foresight Preconceptual Care (Bognor Regis, England) and served as the Foresight U.S. programme director. Foresight is a well researched foundation that helps couples resolve nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal and mineral imbalances, and other health concerns prior to conception.

Jan specializes in providing highly informative and individualized eating plans for couples planning for pregnancy. She has published numerous articles and books on nutrition with a focus on preconceptional health, brain and child development, and nourishment of the unborn child. Jan offers consistent support and monitoring in high risk pregnancies and gestational surrogacy.

Jan has served on advisory boards of The Mother and Child Foundation (UK), The Montessori Education for Autism Foundation (UK) and EPAP Nutritionals in South Africa..

Who Benefits From Individualized Preconception/Prenatal Nutritional Guidance?

  • Couples trying to conceive – Nutrient deficiencies, fatty acid, heavy metal and mineral imbalances, oxidative stress, and high glycemic diets are hallmarks of reproductive failure. An individualized eating plan supports sperm and ovum maturation, fertilization and early cell division.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers – Returning to a natural diet of minimally processed foods prior to conception increases energy and supports the nutrient-specific demands of each gestational trimester. This is of paramount importance to multiple fetuses. Together, we will compile a priority list of foods to balance your nutrient intake. Our goal – profound shifts in physical and emotional well being for both mother and baby throughout pregnancy and nursing.
  • Developing fetuses and nursing infants – No one is more vulnerable to inadequate nutrition than a developing fetus or nursing baby. Improved nutritional status for the preconceived and unborn child lowers the child’s risk of allergy, the effects of gestational diabetes, low birth weight, and subsequent health and neuro-developmental disorders. A mother’s nutritional habits influence weaning foods and therefore, the future health and intelligence of her newborn.

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